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Lumber inventory software, ERP/MRP software, Inventory Control/Management, Resource Planning systems, AIMS/DTAILS by Alliance Interactive

DTAILS: Cooperative Lumber Management Software

DTAILS: Cooperative Lumber Management Software


DTAILS was designed with the working mechanics of a lumber mill in mind, which makes it the perfect solution for lumber companies.

DTAILS is composed of systems/modules incorporating Purchasing, Sales, Shipping and Work Orders as well as Contacts and Companies Directory. All systems are cross-compatible with AIMS (our MRP system) and that is the fruit of our cooperative development philosophy. In other words, whether you are using AIMS or DTAILS, newly developed features will always be available to you.

DTAILS offers countless great features such as:

  • Allows for dynamic categorization by applying attributes such as species, dimensions, finish...etc. based on the type of the product. Aliasing products is also supported in case you are marketing a product under different brands.
  • Integration with wireless handheld devices/barcode readers for scanning products on the production line and updating the inventory levels in real time.
  • Human Resources management for employee training and certificate controls.
  • Unlimited users, only pay for what you use
  • Support for multiple companies/brands using the same system creating their own respective Sales orders, Purchase orders ...etc.
  • Customizable dashboard showing users summary information such as reminders of phone calls/meetings for today, sales orders that are due today, products that show low levels in inventory and so on!
  • Intelligent shipping system supporting both in-house (within company owned locations) and external (from/to other companies) shipping.
Screenshots: DTAILS - Lumber Management System - Login screen     DTAILS - Lumber Management System - Contact/Company/Directory view showing company details and affiliated employees     DTAILS - Lumber Management System - Sales order screen showing the easiness of adding, removing and configuring products
Alliance Interactive Manufacturing System (AIMS), MRP software, ERP software

DTAILS(MRP): Manufacturing Resource Planner (Formerly AIMS)


DTAILS(MRP) is the next generation Manufacturing Resource Planning software which is very powerfull yet very easy to use and allows for great accessibility as it is web-based. DTAILS(MRP) is an integration of many modules suchs as: Quoting, Manufacturing, Work Orders, Purchasing, Shipping, Sales Orders, and Invoicing. From start to finish, we promise harmonized and synchronized control of your business.

The full integration between the above systems allows for automation so that: When an online quote is submitted, it automatically generates the work order for the products to be sold. When a work order is completed, it automatically generates a manufacturing order to build the products, which in turn creates demand and subsequently purchase orders for all components of the products. When a shipment is completed, the sales order is updated and an invoice is created.

Highlight features of DTAILS(MRP):

  • Supports scheduling meetings and/or phone calls with contacts.
  • Logical, easy to remember part numbering system.
  • Advanced item configuration and revisioning controls.
  • Detailed inventory reports showing forecasts like: demand, future stock levels, inventory vs. time.
  • Online quoting modules allowing your customers and agents to log in and buy from your company at prices you specify for each client, as well rules for compatibility, upgrades ...etc.
  • Allows users to create smaller groups of contacts, e.g. Christmas greetings list, sales agents ...etc.
Screenshots: DTAILS - Manufacturing Resource Planner - Login page     DTAILS - Manufacturing Resource Planner - Bill of material printout (item configuration)     DTAILS - Manufacturing Resource Planner - Purchase order preparation (selecting item price points)

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